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As common stewards of a shared world, we bear a responsibility to preserve and enhance its bounties for ourselves, for each other and for future generations.

Work and Labour

The truth of the matter is that even in the deepest crisis, there is a limitless supply of meaningful work for us to do.  Consider that:

Of course, it's not so simple in practise to resolve these problems as merely to recognise them.  Something must be done to preserve our individual liberties and protect our society for becoming a part of the turf for rival Somali warlords/ gangs who might come here pretending to be “asylum seekers”.  We don't want our streets to become their battle-ground, or the latest outpost of tribal Pakistani politics.  And we don't want economic migration by people who don't believe in our way of life, and who don't support the freedoms our ancestors fought, bled and died for us to have...  Why should those people who don't believe in the societal freedoms that give us our economic edge, who will never sacrifice anything to preserve these hard-won rights; benefit from the positive economic environment that results from these same freedoms?

How might the balance be struck between allowing into our country the people who shouldn't be here, and turning away people who value our culture whom ought to protect?

Further issues to consider:

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There is no complacency
- Dr Wendy Piatt, Russell Group of leading universities
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